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Video greetings on Rosatom’s 15th anniversary

December 2, 2022

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends,

It is a pleasure to congratulate the workers and veterans of the Russian nuclear industry on the 15th anniversary of Rosatom state corporation.

Rosatom united and consolidated industrial companies and scientific schools, and thereby brought nuclear research and practical development to a new level; it contributed to the strengthening of the nuclear shield and the general defence capability of Russia. And, of course, it helped implement major projects to develop safe, reliable and affordable nuclear energy, which means providing new opportunities for social and economic growth and improving the quality of life of our people.

The establishment of a state corporation was an essential decision for the nuclear industry. Let me note that over these years Rosatom’s staff have been addressing their tasks effectively and consistently, achieving serious results that are significant for all of Russia. Some of your achievements are not only record-breaking, but are true breakthroughs, which makes it possible for Russia to be among the world leaders in nuclear energy and ensure its technological independence in a number of important, critical areas.

I would like to stress that today Russia has technologies for the use of atomic energy that provide our country with long-term strategic competitiveness among the member countries of the ‘nuclear club’.

I would like to thank the scientists, engineers, designers, and the entire staff of Rosatom for staying true to your duty, for your devotion to the profession, all those who saved and preserved the continuity of the outstanding traditions of our nuclear industry. Their foundation was laid down by your predecessors’ heroic labour as part of the Soviet nuclear project, including during the Great Patriotic War and the difficult post-war years. Nuclear parity was achieved in the shortest possible time and then ensured for decades. And now the best of these historical traditions still serve the Motherland; they are carried on in your work in the interests of the sovereign development of Russia and the benefit of all our people.

Rosatom makes a huge contribution to improving our deterrence potential, strengthening the power of our nuclear triad, and developing and deploying advanced weapons systems and military equipment. Many of them have no analogues in the world.

Rosatom also performs well in civilian industries. Nuclear power plants are generating more electricity today, partly thanks to the modernisation and commissioning of new power units. International cooperation in this area is developing both on a bilateral basis and through the IAEA. Trust and mutually beneficial relations with our reliable and trusted partners are being strengthened.

Rosatom is playing a key role in implementing the ambitious plans to upgrade the nuclear icebreaker fleet, increase traffic along the Northern Sea Route, and create a modern Arctic port infrastructure. It successfully carries out fundamental and applied research in such advanced scientific areas as nuclear medicine, wind energy, innovative materials, quantum computing and digital software products, and environmental projects, including the disposal of hazardous waste and the elimination of accumulated environmental damage.

Specific developments, often unique solutions proposed by Rosatom specialists, are in great demand in various industries and areas and contribute to the solution of many priority tasks and the achievement of Russia's national development goals. And, what is extremely important, they vividly show that it is on our own, respecting our traditions and relying on domestic scientific and engineering personnel, on workers with the highest qualifications, that we are able to achieve great, impressive results.

I always count on you. I am confident in your professionalism and your responsibility. And I wish all the thousands of employees of Rosatom Corporation, your families and friends, health, success and all the best.

December 2, 2022