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Meeting with Vladimir Gruzdev and Alexei Dyumin

February 2, 2016, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

During the meeting, the President announced that he accepted the resignation of Tula Region Governor Vladimir Gruzdev and appointed former Deputy Defence Minister Alexei Dyumin Acting Governor of Tula Region.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Colleagues,

Mr Gruzdev held the post of Tula Region Governor for four and a half years. It is a complex region, specifically in terms of housing, with quite a few problems with resettling people from dilapidated housing.

However, there has obviously been positive change over the four and a half years while you were Governor, and you positive trends have gained momentum. Nevertheless, for family reasons – they have just had a child, my congratulations – Mr Gruzdev would like to make use of his skills at another post closer to Moscow, his home town. As we have already discussed, we will find you a job to meet your requirements and qualifications.

We would like Mr Dyumin to be Acting Governor [of Tula Region] until the elections. I know you are on good personal terms. I hope this will help you calmly hand over business and I expect Mr Gruzdev to apply his influence and knowledge to support Mr Dyumin at the initial stage.

Mr Dyumin knows, just as we all do, that Tula and Tula Region is the nation’s armoury. Considering your previous job – I am referring to the time you were Acting Ground Forces Chief of Staff – you should understand the importance of this region.

Moreover, in your capacity as Deputy Defence Minister you are in charge of the department of construction, housing and property relations, the expert directorate and the Main Military Medical Directorate – in a word, things that are of great importance in civilian life as well.

Therefore, I expect you to use your knowledge and experience at your new job and to gain the people’s trust. You should strive to use the real results of your work, which the people should be aware of in their everyday life, in order to win their votes in the future.

Vladimir Gruzdev: Mr President,

First I would like to thank you for the period I worked with you. It is true that a lot has been done over the past four years. However, I would like to honestly say that is was thanks to your help and thanks to the hard-working people of Tula Region that we managed to achieve everything we have, because they created everything this region is rich in. Thank you for your trust, and I will work to justify your confidence in the new post you will assign me.

Vladimir Putin: Fine. Thank you. Now you, Mr Dyumin.

Alexei Dyumin: Mr President, I have served in the Armed Forces, in special services practically all my life. An order from the Commander-in-Chief must be obeyed without question. Therefore, this is a great honour for me, a matter of pride. I will do everything not to let you down.

The areas I will focus on in the first place are social and economic issues and, of course, things that have to do with the region’s powerful defence industry complex. We shall do our job, Mr President.

Vladimir Putin: Good.

The fiscal capacity is rather high – 93 percent. Nevertheless, this is a beneficiary region and you should develop relations with the appropriate agencies of the Russian Federation Government.

Although some demographic progress has already been made, your role is to reverse the existing situation to ensure a natural population growth in Tula Region.

Naturally, you have to deal with the economy, the social sphere and the implementation of the Executive Orders of May 2012. Mr Gruzdev has made a good effort in this direction. Now you must not only retain but also add to what has already been done in Tula Region in recent years.

Alexei Dyumin: The task is clear.

Vladimir Gruzdev: Thank you.


February 2, 2016, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region