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Meeting with President of China Xi Jinping

October 7, 2013, Bali, Indonesia

Vladimir Putin met with President of China Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the APEC summit.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr President,

Please allow me to once again warmly greet you. This is already our third meeting this year. Your successful visit to Russia in the spring of 2013, when 30 agreements were signed, was certainly a key event in Russian-Chinese relations this year.

We are continuing to develop our political contacts. I would like to note that our coordinated position on the international arena is paying off. We have been able to achieve coordinated decisions on the most difficult matters, with Syrian issues being the latest example.

We are developing economic ties. We are cooperating in some very sensitive areas, such as military technology cooperation and military affairs. Our service members have already conducted two major trainings, on land and in the sea.

We have very good prospects. I am happy for the opportunity to discuss the directions of our further cooperation with you today.

President of China Xi Jinping (re-translated): Mr President,

I am very pleased that we are one again meeting today, as part of our many meetings during this year. This is excellent proof that our relations are strategic and at a high level.

Recently, thanks to your nation’s thorough organisation, as well as your personal leadership, Russia successfully held the G20 summit in St Petersburg. In this regard, I would like to once again sincerely congratulate you on this event, and express a deep appreciation to you and all your Russian colleagues for your hospitality and warm welcome.

I feel this year is quite successful in the development of our relations. In discussing the elements that make this year stand out, I will first mention the important role of the contacts between the leaders of our nations. Thanks to these contacts at the highest level, we have been able to reach enormous success this year in developing our multilateral cooperation and our work together.

Together, we achieved great success in developing our trade and economic cooperation. Together, we are constantly strengthening our cooperation in culture and the humanitarian sector. Together, we are cooperating very closely to resolve urgent and acute international and regional issues.

As you mentioned, our close cooperation to resolve the Syrian crisis and the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula serve as strong evidence of this. I think that we have similar or identical positions on all these matters.

In the remaining time before the end of the year, you and I have many more important events coming up: the 18th regular meeting between our nations’ heads of government, the 18th session of the commission for military technology cooperation between our nations, and the opening ceremony for the Year of Chinese Tourism in Russia. So you and I still have plenty of work before the end of the year.

During the SCO summit in Bishkek, you suggested that in 2015, we jointly commemorate the 70th anniversary of victory in World War II. I agree with your suggestion that China and Russia can hold these celebratory anniversary events together in honour of our common victory. I think we should give corresponding instructions to the appropriate departments, so that they can begin preparations for these important events as soon as possible.

We feel that such a joint event would have major, long-term significance. You see, during the years of that war, Russia, the Russian people, and China and our people suffered terrible losses for the sake of our common victory. Russia made great sacrifices for victory and made an enormous input into the anti-fascist war. Russia provided us a great deal of assistance in the war. And we will never forget this.

Today, given that the Asia-Pacific region’s growing role in global politics and the global economy, the Chinese side is interested in seeing Russia continue to be present in the region, and also play a significant role in the development of this region. In this respect, we are prepared to continue intensifying our cooperation with Russia in the Asia-Pacific region.

As you know, we will be holding next year’s APEC summit in our nation. We count on your support and cooperation in the successful implementation of this event.


October 7, 2013, Bali, Indonesia