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Reception on behalf of the Russian President in honour of the BRICS and SCO leaders

July 9, 2015, Ufa

An official reception was held in the capital of Bashkiria on behalf of the President of Russia in honour of the leaders of delegations participating in the BRICS and SCO summits.

The gala event was held at the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theatre.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends,

I have spoken a lot today, and I know that you are a bit tired of hearing me speak, but protocol demands that I say a few words – and I would like to, since we are very happy to see you all and once again welcome you to Ufa.

Our states and peoples are tied not only by close, friendly relations, but also a common aspiration to make the world we live in more secure and predictable, ensuring reliable conditions for sustainable growth. We see this as the primary purpose of our joint work within the framework of international alliances and organisations like BRICS, SCO and  the Eurasian Economic Union, as well on a bilateral basis.

Our states are located on several different continents, have different cultural and historical roots and implement different development models. Our strength lies in those differences; they are the source of enormous potential for developing truly mutually acceptable, consensus-based solutions to key modern problems. At the same time, the foundations of our societies are based on largely similar traditional values and the common laws of good ethics, truth and justice. We all believe that we can only achieve our goals by working together on the basis of genuine partnership, trust, equality, respect and taking into account one another’s interests.

We are calling for the development of a coordinated response to global threats, asserting the just foundations of interstate communication under the key role of the United Nations, relying on international law, the principles of indivisibility, security, and peoples’ free determination of their destiny.

Many of the states represented here are located in the vast Eurasian space. For us, this is not a chess board or a field for geopolitical games; this is our home and we all want peace and prosperity to reign in our home, so that it has no room for extremism and attempts by some to secure their interests at the expense of others.

I am confident that the results of our work in Ufa will contribute significantly to achieving these goals. I am sincerely grateful that you responded to Russia’s invitation. Without a doubt, the summits in Ufa will play an important role in development and will be a significant milestone in the creative efforts aimed at economic progress and prosperity not only in our nations but throughout the world, ensuring regional and global stability.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends, allow me to propose a toast to the welfare and prosperity of our nations and states, to the health of the state leaders and everyone present, to our close, fruitful cooperation!

July 9, 2015, Ufa