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Igor Levitin held a meeting on developing Azov-Black Sea region port infrastructure

August 7, 2015, Anapa

Presidential Aide and State Council Secretary Igor Levitin held a meeting on the development of the Azov and Black Sea region port infrastructure.

The discussion at the meeting focused on plans for the development of transshipment facilities at ports in the south of Russia and the implementation of a set of measures to deal with bottlenecks in the railway approaches to southern seaports as per the instructions issued by the President at a meeting on the development of Azov-Black Sea area ports in September 2014.

The meeting produced resolutions directed at increasing the capacity of the transportation infrastructure in the south of Russia in view of the planned increase in cargo traffic and at improving the operation of the ferry crossing.

In the course of his trip, Igor Levitin visited the ports of Kavkaz and Taman, where he looked into the organisation of the Kavkaz-Kerch ferry crossing and the implementation of projects to develop the terminals’ capacity.

The meeting’s participants included Deputy Interior Minister in charge of transportation security Viktor Kiryanov, Black Sea Fleet Commander Alexander Vitko, Transportation Minister of the Crimean Republic Andrei Bezsalov, representatives of the Presidential Executive Office, the Federal Agency for Sea and River Transport, the Federal Road Agency, the United Shipbuilding Corporation and major marine terminal operators in the Azov-Black Sea area.

August 7, 2015, Anapa