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Navy Day celebrations

July 27, 2014, Severomorsk

Vladimir Putin made a working trip to Severomorsk, where he took part in events celebrating Navy Day.

While visiting the Northern Fleet’s base in Severomorsk, the President laid a wreath at the monument to the heroes of Severomorsk. The 25-metre-high monument is one of the town’s symbols and depicts a sailor with a gun in his hands. The monument’s pedestal has been designed to look like a submarine’s hull and is engraved with the names of military units that distinguished themselves during the Great Patriotic War.

Mr Putin attended a naval parade to mark Navy Day. Various Northern Fleet ships and submarines took part. The President inspected the ships from on board a motorboat and congratulated the crews on the holiday.

Taking part in the parade were the heavy aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, the new strategic nuclear submarine Yury Dolgoruky, the heavy nuclear cruiser Peter the Great, the nuclear submarine Nizhny Novgorod, the destroyer Severomorsk, the large landing ships Georgy Pobedonosets and Kondopoga, the small destroyer Snezhnogorsk, the small missile ship Iceberg, the coastal minesweeper Polyarny, and the border guards’ patrol boat Podolsk.

The President watched a staged naval performance from on board the heavy aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. Mr Putin congratulated the ship’s crew, navy servicemen and veterans on Navy Day.

The President also took part in a videoconference and heard a report from General Director of Sevmash Plant Mikhail Budnichenko on the start of work at the company’s facilities in Severodvinsk on three nuclear submarines – the Krasnoyarsk, Knyaz Oleg, and Khabarovsk.

July 27, 2014, Severomorsk