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Maria Lvova-Belova visited new Russian regions

December 22, 2023

The Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights made working trips to the Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics and the Zaporozhye Region.

In the DPR, Maria Lvova-Belova took part in a function to celebrate young heroes and visited the Khartsyzsk Children Social Centre. Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin and the Commissioner presented state awards and letters of gratitude to 15 individuals who displayed bravery and courage at a young age. The event was sponsored by the Federation Council as part of the Child Heroes national civic and patriotic project.

A native of Donetsk, Daniil Alyanykh, 17, received the award posthumously. The medal For Bravery 4th Class was presented to his parents. In November, the young man died during a shelling attack by the Ukrainian armed forces as he was rescuing people trapped under the rubble.

The Commissioner thanked the parents of the award recipients and pointed out that the DPR child heroes have become an example for the younger generation.

As part of the strategic programme Country for the Children, Maria Lvova-Belova presented two certificates to the Khartsyzsk Children Social Centre: one for treatment at health resorts, which they will go to with their parents in 2024, and the second to cover the centre’s needs. Currently, 24 children live in the centre, and most of them are not orphans. The Commissioner and the management discussed ways to help parents take their children home from the institution in the near future. In some cases, it is necessary to improve the housing and living conditions of these families.

A daycare centre for children with disabilities opened in the Lugansk People's Republic on the initiative of Maria Lvova-Belova and with the assistance of the Foundation for Supporting Children in Difficult Life Situations. It is the 10th such centre in Russia and the first centre in the new regions. The initiative to create such centres was supported by the President.

The centre works with disabled children aged from five to 14. Rehabilitation and developmental equipment, consumer electronics, and furniture have been purchased for the centre with grant assistance, including from the Foundation for Supporting Children in Difficult Life Situations.

A meeting was held at the centre to discuss issues related to family placement of orphans and children left without parental care. Regional governments and representatives from children's organisations participated.

In the town of Pervomaisk, Maria Lvova-Belova visited a family with eight children. Their father lost both his legs clearing mines. Previously, the Commissioner for Children's Rights helped this family improve their living conditions. This time, they received a certificate for 500,000 rubles to renovate the house, a dishwasher, a set of tools and other gifts.

Several children's institutions in the LPR received humanitarian aid. The funds were allocated under the Country for Children strategic programme run by the Commissioner for Children's Rights.

Maria Lvova-Belova discussed the regional law on the commissioner for children's rights with the Zaporozhye Region Governor Yevgeny Balitsky and agreed to work together to promote children’s interests.

The Melitopol Centre for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children received sports equipment, household appliances, TV sets, children's carnival costumes and a certificate for health resort treatment for children in 2024 as part of the Commissioner's humanitarian campaign titled Into the Hands of Children. At the request of the institution's management, the boarding school in the village of Terpenye obtained winter tyres for a minibus.

December 22, 2023