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Dmitry Medvedev signed an executive order approving the National Strategy for Countering Corruption and a new draft of the National Anti-Corruption Plan for 2010–2011

April 14, 2010

The National Anti-Corruption Plan, approved by the President of Russia on July 31, 2008, contains specific anti-corruption steps as well as general strategic measures.

An analysis of the activities of state and public institutions in implementation of the plan revealed the need for two separate documents: the National Strategy for Countering Corruption, which sets the key areas and phases for implementing medium-term state anti-corruption policies, and the National Anti-Corruption Plan, which is renewed every two years.

Several provisions of the National Strategy for Countering Corruption have been or will be incorporated in other documents issued by the President, the Government, the federal, regional and municipal authorities. Thus, the National Anti-Corruption Plan for 2010–2011 specifies some measures which are not provided for in any other statutes and which are of direct relevance to countering corruption.

In this way, the National Strategy for Countering Corruption, the National Anti-Corruption Plan for a set period, and anti-corruption plans of the authorities at different levels of governance comprise a dynamic and regularly adjusted system of anti-corruption measures.

A formal adoption of such a set of measures is recommended by the Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO).

The President’s executive order also suggests that the Public Chamber, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Association of Russian Lawyers, political parties, self-regulated organisations, non-governmental organisations of industrialists and entrepreneurs, as well as other public associations should promote social intolerance of corrupt practices.

April 14, 2010