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Customs Union

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Law on ratification of Protocol between governments of Russia and Belarus on application of international agreements on duty payment and transfer procedure for export of crude oil from Customs Union

February 19, 2018

The President signed the Federal Law On the Ratification of the Protocol between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Belarus on Individual Issues of the Application of International Agreements on the Procedure of Payment and Transfer of Customs Duties (or Other Equivalent Duties, Taxes or Fees) for the Export of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products from the Republic of Belarus Outside the Customs Union.

Tags: Customs Union, taxes, Belarus

Amendments to Russia-Belarus intergovernmental agreement on payment and remittance of customs duties on crude oil exported outside Customs Union

February 19, 2018

The President has signed the Federal Law On the Ratification of the Protocol between the Governments of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus on Amendments to the Agreement on Payment and Remittance of Customs Duties (Other Levies, Taxes and Charges of Equivalent Effect) on the Export of Crude Oil and Certain Petroleum Products from the Territory of the Republic of Belarus Out of the Customs Union, of December 9, 2017, as well as Certain Aspects of its Enforcement.

Tags: customs, Customs Union, Belarus

Law on ratification of Agreement on Unified Vehicle Registration Certificates in the Customs Union

June 2, 2016

Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law On Ratification of the Agreement on Unified Vehicle Registration Certificates (Chassis Certificates) and the Certificates of Self-Propelled and Other Vehicles and on the System of Electronic Certification.

Tags: Customs Union, transport

Ratification of agreement on customs cooperation between the Customs Union member states within the EurAsEC framework

December 4, 2012

Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law On Ratification of the Agreement on Cooperation and Mutual Assistance within the Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC) Framework in Customs Issues Involving the Activities of the Customs Union Member States’ Customs Services Representative Offices.

Tags: customs, Customs Union, EurAsEC, foreign policy

Meeting on customs and migration issues in border regions

July 3, 2010

President Medvedev pointed out that requirements for crossing the border for individuals and companies must not become more stringent as the Customs Union enters into force.

Tags: customs, Customs Union, demographics, migration, Amur Region