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Beginning of meeting with President of China Xi Jinping

March 22, 2013, The Kremlin, Moscow

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr President, friends,

Once again, I wish you a warm welcome to Moscow, our capital.

We congratulate you sincerely on your election to the high office of President of the People’s Republic of China. We thank you for deciding to make our country the destination of your first visit abroad. This clearly shows the great importance that we place on building the relations between our countries.

We have done much over the last years to develop our relations in all different areas. Russian-Chinese relations are now a very important factor in global politics. Our bilateral trade is growing and so are the direct contacts between our regions. We are carrying out major projects in the humanitarian and cultural spheres too, and all of this is in the interests of people in both countries. 

It is a great pleasure to welcome our Chinese friends to Russia. Mr President, we are sure that your visit will give a powerful new boost to developing the ties between us.

President of The People’S Republic of China Xi Jinping (re-translated): President Putin,

Thank very much for your warm invitation. As you know, the first country I am visiting in my capacity as President of China is Russia, and you are the first foreign head of state with whom I am meeting. 

I remember very well when I first came to Russia three years ago at your invitation. That visit left me with the warmest and deepest impressions. Last June, we met again in Beijing. 

We have also exchanged letters and recently spoke by telephone. I have the impression that we are always completely open with each other. We are able to get on well together and always find it easy to talk. We are good friends.

Mr President, I agree with your assessment of the state of our bilateral relations. Our countries are indeed partners engaged in comprehensive strategic cooperation.

Relations between China and Russia are better now than ever before in our history. Our countries share many common fields of interest. It is in our state interests in both countries, and in the interests of our peoples, to keep developing our relations.

The main aim of my current visit is to join efforts with you to keep developing our comprehensive relations and strategic cooperation.

Today’s meeting will give us the chance to hold a substantial exchange of views on various aspects of bilateral cooperation and also on current international and regional issues of mutual interest.

I have a very substantial programme over these two days that will produce big results for the good of both nations and for the good of our relations.


March 22, 2013, The Kremlin, Moscow