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Executive Orders on the 2010 Russian Federation National Awards have been signed

June 9, 2011

The 2010 Russian Federation National Award in Literature and Arts is conferred to:

Evgeny Mironov for his contribution to the development of Russian theatre and cinema,

Vladimir Malyshev for his contribution to preserving and promoting cultural heritage, developing traditions and modernising Russian cinematic education,

Mikhail Guryev, Valentin Molotkov, and Oleg Zinatullin for their exceptional contribution to preserving and restoring unique museum clocks and musical mechanisms, and reviving the traditions of Russia’s master craftsmen.

The 2010 Russian Federation National Award in Science and Technology is conferred to:

Artem Kobzev, Anatoly Lukyanov and Mikhail Titarenko for exceptional achievements in the development of Russian and global Sinology and preparation of the fundamental academic encyclopaedia Spiritual Culture of China,

Valentin Gapontsev for his set of innovative designs and his creation of high-quality production of fibre lasers and fibre optic backbone and local connection systems,

Mikhail Itkis and Yury Oganessian for their ground-breaking work in the stability of superheavy elements. 

Russian Federation National Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Humanitarian Field is conferred to King Juan Carlos I of Spain.

June 9, 2011