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Amur Region

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Meeting with Amur Region Governor Vasily Orlov

September 6, 2019

After the meeting at Vostochny Space Launch Centre, the President had a working meeting with Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov.

Tags: regions, Amur Region

Meeting on infrastructure development for Vostochny Space Launch Centre and future rocket complexes

September 6, 2019

On his way from Vladivostok to Moscow, Vladimir Putin made a stop in the Amur Region, where he chaired a meeting on developing infrastructure at Vostochny Space Launch Centre and future rocket complexes.

Tags: regions, space, Amur Region

Working meeting with Amur Region Acting Governor Vasily Orlov

September 3, 2018

The socio-economic situation in the region was discussed.

Tags: regions, transport, Amur Region

Meeting on implementation of major investment projects in Far Eastern Federal District

August 3, 2017

At the Nizhne-Bureiskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant, Vladimir Putin held a meeting on implementing major investment projects in the Far East.

Tags: energy, investment, regions, Amur Region

Visit to Nizhne-Bureiskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant

August 3, 2017

Vladimir Putin visited the Nizhne-Bureiskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant and took part in a ceremony to commission three hydropower units.

Tags: energy, Amur Region

Visit to Amur Gas Processing Plant construction site

August 3, 2017

During his trip to Amur Region, the President inspected the Amur Gas Processing Plant construction site and gave the command to start pouring concrete for the foundation.

Tags: energy, Amur Region

Working meeting with Governor of Amur Region Alexander Kozlov

May 30, 2016

Mr Kozlov briefed Vladimir Putin on the region’s socioeconomic situation and gave updates on projects to build a number of energy sector, industrial and social sector facilities.

Tags: regions, Amur Region

Meeting on disaster relief measures following wildfires

May 11, 2016

Vladimir Putin held a videoconference meeting on disaster relief measures following wildfires in several regions around Russia. The heads of the Amur Region, Trans-Baikal Territory and Buryatia took part in the meeting.

Tags: regions, Republic of Buryatia, Trans-Baikal Territory, Amur Region

Meeting of the State Commission for the Launch of Spacecraft Soyuz-2.1a

April 27, 2016

Vladimir Putin visited the Vostochny Space Launch Centre. The President also held a state commission meeting to examine the reasons for the postponement of the launch of a Soyuz-2.1a carrier rocket.

Tags: space, Amur Region

Meeting on developing Amur Region

April 27, 2016

Vladimir Putin held a meeting on financial, economic and social development of Amur Region.

Tags: economy and finance, regions, social services, Amur Region

Law giving the name of Tsiolkovsky to city in Amur Region

December 30, 2015

The President signed Federal Law On Giving the Name of Tsiolkovsky to a City in Amur Region.

Tags: regions, Amur Region

Construction has begun at the Amur gas processing plant

October 14, 2015

In a video linkup, Vladimir Putin gave the order to start construction work at the Amur gas processing plant.

Tags: energy, Amur Region

Meeting on developing Vostochny Space Launch Centre

October 14, 2015

While on a trip to Amur Region, Vladimir Putin held a meeting on the construction and preparation work at Vostochny Space Launch Centre.

Tags: regions, space, Amur Region

Meeting with Oleg Kozhemyako and Alexander Kozlov

March 25, 2015

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Oleg Kozhemyako and Alexander Kozlov.

Tags: regions, Amur Region, Sakhalin Region

Meeting with farmers’ representatives

September 3, 2014

Winding up a trip to Amur Region, Vladimir Putin met with representatives of the Blagoveshchensk area’s farmers to discuss support for those working in districts that were hit by the floods of summer 2013.

Tags: agriculture, regions, Amur Region

Meeting on the development of the Vostochny Space Launch Centre

September 2, 2014

Vladimir Putin held a meeting on the development of the Vostochny Space Launch Centre.

Tags: regions, Amur Region

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