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Meeting with Russian Railways CEO Oleg Belozerov

May 25, 2020

Vladimir Putin met with Russian Railways Chief Executive Officer – Chairman of the Executive Board Oleg Belozerov to discuss the operation of the Russian railway system and the company’s investment activity.

Tags: healthcare, transport

Greetings on the 85th anniversary of Moscow Metro

May 15, 2020

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to the staff and veterans of Moscow Metro named after Lenin on the occasion of its 85th anniversary.

Tags: transport

Meeting on supporting aviation industry and air transportation

May 13, 2020

Vladimir Putin held a videoconference on supporting the aviation industry and air transportation.

Tags: industry, transport

Meeting on transport sector development

May 7, 2020

Vladimir Putin held a meeting, via videoconference, on transport sector development.

Tags: transport

Instructions following meeting on automobile industry development

May 4, 2020

The President endorsed a list of instructions following the April 24, 2020 meeting on the development of the automobile industry.

Tags: transport

Law regulating aviation and transport security

April 1, 2020

The President signed the Federal Law On Amendments to Articles 83 and 84 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation.

Tags: transport

Crimean Bridge opened to railway traffic

December 23, 2019

The President took part in the opening of the Crimean Bridge to railway traffic. Vladimir Putin ordered, via videoconference, the departure of the Tavria express passenger train from St Petersburg to Sevastopol.

Tags: transport, Republic of Crimea

Meeting with Sergei Kogogin and Sergei Chemezov

December 13, 2019

During a working trip to Tatarstan, Vladimir Putin met with Director General of KAMAZ Sergei Kogogin and CEO of Rostec State Corporation Sergei Chemezov.

Tags: industry, transport, Republic of Tatarstan

Meeting with Government members

December 11, 2019

Vladimir Putin held a meeting with Government members at the Kremlin.

Tags: culture, disabled individuals, transport

Greetings on the 10th anniversary of the Russian Highways State Company

December 4, 2019

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to the personnel of the Russian Highways State Company (Avtodor) on its 10th anniversary.

Tags: construction industry, transport

Meeting on effect of M11 Moscow-St Petersburg motorway on socioeconomic development in regions

November 27, 2019

Following the opening ceremony of the M11 Moscow-St Petersburg motorway, the President chaired a meeting on the effect this investment project will have on the socioeconomic development in the regions.

Tags: regions, transport, Moscow, Saint Petersburg

Opening M11 Moscow-St Petersburg motorway

November 27, 2019

Vladimir Putin took part in the opening of the M11 Moscow-St Petersburg motorway and spoke briefly with the construction workers.

Tags: transport, Moscow, Saint Petersburg

Moscow Central Diameters opened to train traffic

November 21, 2019

Vladimir Putin attended the launch of the first routes of the Moscow Central Diameters, the new surface metro lines.

Tags: transport, Moscow Region, Moscow

Greetings to International Transport and Logistics Forum PRO//Motion.1520

October 29, 2019

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to participants and guests of the International Transport and Logistics Forum PRO//Motion.1520.

Tags: transport

Meeting with Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov

October 28, 2019

Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov. They discussed the socioeconomic situation in the region, the implementation of several industrial investment projects, the construction of a junction in Khimki, healthcare and other topical issues.

Tags: construction industry, healthcare, housing, industry, professional training, regions, social services, transport, Moscow Region

Meeting of Commission for the Development of General Aviation

October 15, 2019

Presidential Aide Igor Levitin chaired a meeting of the Presidential Commission for the Development of General Aviation and GLONASS-Based Navigation Information Technology .

Tags: transport

Visiting OTEKO Port and Industrial Park

October 4, 2019

Vladimir Putin visited the Taman Peninsula where he was shown around the Port and Industrial Park of the OTEKO group of companies.

Tags: industry, regions, science and innovation, transport, Krasnodar Territory

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