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Opening sections of the M12 and M5 motorways and the Yekaterinburg Ring Road

September 8, 2022

Vladimir Putin took part, via videoconference, in a ceremony marking the opening to traffic of new and reconstructed sections of transport network, including the M12 and M5 motorways as well as the Yekaterinburg Ring Road.

Tags: construction industry, regions, transport, Moscow Region, Sverdlovsk Region, Chelyabinsk Region

Meeting with Aeroflot CEO Sergei Aleksandrovsky

August 26, 2022

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Aeroflot CEO Sergei Aleksandrovsky. They specifically focused on the company’s current work in passenger transportation.

Tags: transport

Working group meeting to prepare State Council Presidium session on Great Volga Route development

August 18, 2022

Presidential Aide and State Council Secretary Igor Levitin and Astrakhan Region Governor Igor Babushkin held the first meeting of the working group set up by the State Council Commission on Transport, to prepare a State Council Presidium session on the development of the Great Volga Route.

Tags: regions, tourism, transport

New bridge across Sheksna River unveiled in Cherepovets

August 10, 2022

The President took part, via videoconference, in the opening of a new bridge across the Sheksna River in Cherepovets. He congratulated project participants and all construction industry workers on their upcoming professional holiday, Construction Worker’s Day.

Tags: construction industry, regions, transport, Vologda Region

Greetings on Railway Worker's Day

August 7, 2022

Vladimir Putin congratulated railway workers and veterans on their professional holiday.

Tags: construction industry, transport

Meeting with Government members

July 25, 2022

Vladimir Putin held a meeting with Government members, via videoconference.

Tags: healthcare, industry, medicines, science and innovation, transport

Law on Russia’s accession to Convention for suppression of unlawful acts against civil aviation safety

July 14, 2022

The President signed the Federal Law On the Accession of the Russian Federation to the Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Civil Aviation and to the Protocol Supplementary to the Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Seizure of Aircraft.

Tags: fight against terrorism, foreign policy, transport

Meeting with Government members

July 8, 2022

The President held a meeting with Government members via videoconference. 

Tags: agriculture, energy, National Final School Exam (EGE), tourism, transport, universities

Greetings on Sea and River Fleet Workers’ Day

July 3, 2022

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to sea and river fleet workers and veterans on their professional day, Sea and River Fleet Workers’ Day.

Tags: transport

Law on removing the Russian Federation’s reservation clause with respect to applying paragraphs 1 (d) and 1 (e) of Article 2 of the Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims

June 28, 2022

Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law On Removing the Reservation Clause of the Russian Federation with Respect to Applying Paragraphs 1 (d) and 1 (e) of Article 2 of the 1976 Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims and Repealing Paragraph 3 of the Federal Law On the Accession of the Russian Federation to the 1996 Protocol Amending the 1976 Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims.

Tags: foreign policy, transport

Amendments to Law on Internal Sea Waters, Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone and to Merchant Shipping Code

June 28, 2022

Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law On Amendments to Article 142 of the Federal Law On Internal Sea Waters, Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone of the Russian Federation, and to the Russian Federation Merchant Shipping Code.

Tags: transport

Law on improving navigation along the Northern Sea Route

June 28, 2022

Vladimir Putin signed the Federal Law On Amending Article 51 of the Merchant Shipping Code of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law On the Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation.

Tags: transport

Joint meeting of State Council commissions on Energy and Transport

June 27, 2022

Presidential Aide and State Council Secretary Igor Levitin, Kuzbass Governor Sergei Tsivilev and Head of the Republic of Buryatia Alexei Tsydenov co-chaired a joint meeting of the State Council commissions on Energy and Transport, which took place via videoconference.

Tags: energy, transport

Meeting on developing automobile industry

June 16, 2022

The President held a meeting to discuss the development of Russia's automobile industry.

Tags: anti-sanctions, import replacement, transport

Greetings on the 100th anniversary of the Chuya Federal Motorway

May 26, 2022

Vladimir Putin extended greetings to participants in the events held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the designation of the Chuya Motorway as a federal route.

Tags: transport

Meeting on transport industry development

May 24, 2022

Vladimir Putin held a meeting, via videoconference, on the development of certain sectors of Russia’s transport industry.

Tags: transport

Meeting of State Council Commission on Transport

May 23, 2022

Presidential Aide, State Council Secretary Igor Levitin and Chairman of the State Council Commission on Transport, Head of the Republic of Buryatia Alexei Tsydenov co-chaired a meeting of the Commission.

Tags: transport

Instructions following a meeting on developing Russia’s Arctic zone

May 22, 2022

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions following a meeting on the development of the Russian Federation Arctic zone held on April 13, 2022.

Tags: budget, investment, regions, social services, support for business, transport

Instructions following a meeting on metallurgy development

May 18, 2022

The President approved a list of instructions following a meeting on the development of Russia’s metallurgical industry held on April 20, 2022.

Tags: energy, industry, taxes, transport

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