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Volgograd Region

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Unveiling of the restored Children’s Dance fountain

August 23, 2013

Vladimir Putin attended the unveiling ceremony of the restored Children’s Dance fountain, which became a symbol of Volgograd’s military history, at the city’s railway station square. 

Tags: culture, regions, Volgograd Region

Vladimir Putin will make a brief working trip to Volgograd

August 22, 2013

The President will attend the opening ceremony of the restored Children’s Dance fountain, a symbol of the city’s military history, in the square in front of Volgograd’s railway station.

Tags: regions, Volgograd Region

Trip to Volgograd

February 2, 2013

Vladimir Putin has taken part in the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad.

Tags: Volgograd Region

Vladimir Putin will visit Volgograd

February 1, 2013

The President will participate in the events marking the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad.

Tags: Volgograd Region

Meeting on harvesting progress and situation on grain market

October 10, 2012

The meeting addressed measures for stabilising prices on the grain market, issues of organising the sowing of winter crops and steps to increase the competitiveness of the agro-industrial complex following Russia’s accession to the WTO.

Tags: agriculture, Altai Territory, Volgograd Region, Saratov Region

Ceremony awarding the Order of Parental Glory to parents of large families

June 2, 2012

Vladimir Putin presented in the Kremlin the Order of Parental Glory to parents of large families raising between 7 and 13 children. The families come from eight Russia regions: Volgograd, Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod and Sverdlovsk regions, Trans-Baikal and Khabarovsk territories and republics of Ingushetia and Komi.

Tags: children, demographics, state decorations, Republic of Ingushetia, Komi Republic, Trans-Baikal Territory, Khabarovsk Territory, Volgograd Region, Kaluga Region, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Sverdlovsk Region

Dmitry Medvedev submitted candidacies for the posts of heads of two Russian regions

January 31, 2012

The President nominated governor candidates for Arkhangelsk and Volgograd regions.

Tags: civil service, regions, Arkhangelsk Region, Volgograd Region

Meeting with United Russia party leaders

January 25, 2012

United Russia presented to Dmitry Medvedev the lists of its candidates for the governorships of Arkhangelsk and Volgograd regions.

Tags: regions, Arkhangelsk Region, Volgograd Region

Resignation of Volgograd Region Governor Anatoly Brovko has been accepted

January 17, 2012

Dmitry Medvedev signed Executive Order On Early Termination of the Mandate of Volgograd Region Governor.

Tags: civil service, regions, Volgograd Region

Dmitry Medvedev made a number of appointments to senior posts within Interior Ministry

April 1, 2011

In accordance with the Federal Law On the Police Force, the President issued executive order on appointments to senior Interior Ministry posts.

Tags: civil service, regions, Republic of Bashkortostan, Republic of North Ossetia — Alania, Volgograd Region, Kemerovo Region, Saratov Region, Tyumen Region

Meeting on implementing presidential instructions

October 29, 2010

The meeting examined implementation of presidential instructions in a number of areas, including preventing unjustified housing and utilities tariff hikes, preparation of the housing and utilities sector for winter, reorganisation of state corporations, effective use of budget funds in the state procurement system, and provision of housing for Great Patriotic War veterans. 

Tags: housing, housing and utilities, regions, Arkhangelsk Region, Volgograd Region, Ryazan Region, Tula Region, Saint Petersburg

Dmitry Medvedev received a report on compliance with fire safety laws in Volgograd Region

September 6, 2010

Prosecutor General Yury Chaika presented the President with a report on violations by various officials. The results of the prosecutors’ investigations will be submitted to the courts.

Tags: regions, Volgograd Region

Working meeting with Prosecutor General Yury Chaika

September 4, 2010

Following the wildfires that have hit Volgograd Region and neighbouring areas Dmitry Medvedev instructed Prosecutor General Yury Chaika to carry out investigations into municipal and regional authorities’ preparedness for fire-fighting efforts.

Tags: local self-government, regions, Volgograd Region, Saratov Region

Dmitry Medvedev is being kept regularly informed on the situation with wildfires in Volgograd and Saratov Regions

September 2, 2010

The President spoke by telephone with the heads of the affected regions and Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu. Mr Shoigu briefed the President on the firefighting and relief efforts.

Tags: national security, regions, social services, Volgograd Region, Saratov Region

Presidential instructions to strengthen efforts to extinguish fires in Volgograd Region and provide aid to victims

September 2, 2010

Dmitry Medvedev was briefed on the current situation in Volgograd Region, where dozens of homes have burned down in grass fires.

Tags: Volgograd Region

Instructions to verify safety of a bridge across the Volga River and efficiency of public spending during its construction

June 21, 2010

Dmitry Medvedev issued instructions to the Government Cabinet, the Accounts Chamber and the government of the Volgograd Region, following an investigation conducted by the General Prosecutor's Office and the Presidential Control Directorate which revealed shortages in performance of the federal executive authorities and the government of the Volgograd Region in overseeing engineering, construction and operation of a new bridge across the Volga River.

Tags: regions, road safety, Volgograd Region

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